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About The Program

The Mentorship Program is designed to support mutual relationships between experienced oral health professionals (mentors) and oral health professionals interested in learning and growth (mentees). The program offers a framework for the passage of wisdom, caring, and confidence between oral health professionals. The program is based on the principles of adult learning with a focus on meeting the needs of the mentee. The Mentorship program provides information on mentoring along with guidelines and resources for a successful mentoring relationship.

What are the benefits of the Mentorship Program?

There are many benefits to joining the Mentorship Program. Based on feedback from the pilot program, it became apparent that oral health professionals in all areas of practice seek knowledge and support to advance their careers and explore a variety of practice settings. It was also apparent that both mentees and mentors benefit from the mentorship relationship. This program will assist you in developing new skills in areas such as interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and organizational skills.

How long is the mentorship program?

There are two streams of the mentorship program. The main stream is six-months in duration. At the end of the first six months, if you wish, you can choose to continue your mentorship relationship. The mini-mentorship stream is designed to meet specific short-term mentorship needs (e.g., focused enhancement of a clinical skill); the duration of the mini-mentorship stream is 6 weeks.

How much does it cost?

There is a fee of 50$ for mentees

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Can I get Continuing Competency credit?

Yes, if you participate in the Mentorship Program you can apply for continuing competency credit is available through the College. We have resources built into the program to help you apply for and document your mentorship experience for continuing competency credit with the College.

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What is a mentee?

A mentee is someone who seeks to learn. They may have a specific learning goal or competency they wish to learn from their mentor. A mentee may be an oral health professional who is just entering their career, or a more experienced individual seeking a specific competency that a mentor can help them develop.

What is a mentor?

A mentor is someone who has experience or expertise that they can share with a less experienced mentee. Mentors serves as a guide or role model to support the mentee in achieving their personal and/or professional development goals.

Why should I apply?

Mentoring is a mutually beneficial and collaborative learning relationship involving two, and at times, more individuals. It is characterized by shared goals and collective accountability for the outcomes and success of the relationship.

Participating in the mentorship program can help to:

* Develop supportive and encouraging relationships
* Guide oral health professionals in their personal, professional, and interpersonal growth
* Promote mutually and sharing based on the needs of the mentor and mentee
* Communicate information in a safe and supportive environment concerning expectations, learning opportunities, and stressors.

Directed Study (Mentoring)

Directed study contracts may be initiated to address a specific learning need. Examples may include teaming up with an educator with advanced skills and knowledge in continuing care facilities or teaming up with a colleague with expertise in a specific area of dental hygiene practice.

(a) A formalized learning contract must exist between the mentor and the mentee.
(b) Both the mentor and mentee may apply for program credits.
(c) Registrants may qualify to receive program credits for mentoring and mentoring preparation.

To qualify, the learning activity and number of program credits must be approved by the Competence Committee prior to initiation of the activity. Requests must be submitted using the Request for Pre-determination of Program Credits (Directed Study/Mentoring) form.

How to Apply

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and the application process is simple. To apply, complete this form. Based on your application information, the mentorship program will match you with a mentor/mentee. Once you have been matched, you will receive an email introducing you to your mentor/mentee and providing you with the necessary resources to get started.

If you are a mentee, please make a payment to activate your account:

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Contact Us

We welcome questions, feedback, and ideas from our members. Please reach out to us at, subject: MENTORSHIP PROGRAM.